DIY Car-sized battery pack ?

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DIY Car-sized battery pack ?

Post by qwerkus » Mar 20 2018 2:10pm

Did anyone here succeeded in building a battery pack large enough to power a small car (500Kg-1T) out of small li-ion cells ? I'm wondering how DIY geniuses managed to solve all the related problems. (heat, short circuit protection, shock protection)

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Re: DIY Car-sized battery pack ?

Post by 999zip999 » Mar 20 2018 2:24pm

Get the batteries out of wreaked Leaf or Tesla ect.

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Re: DIY Car-sized battery pack ?

Post by amberwolf » Mar 27 2018 12:53am

Methods built an RC LiPo pack for one car, and I think he also built one from Emoli cells. Should be in his posts somewhere.

But I don't recall any of it being all that sophisticated.

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Re: DIY Car-sized battery pack ?

Post by jonescg » Mar 27 2018 1:04am

I'm doing a car conversion (1988 Honda Prelude) for a friend and it's going to be using 960 x 7000 mAh cells. Liquid cooled too.
I'll start a build thread soon.

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