Increasing voltage on charger

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sutty86   10 mW

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Increasing voltage on charger

Post by sutty86 » Apr 16 2018 11:28am

I have a spare hoverboard charger from my daughters toy 42v 2amp.

I've opened it up and found a small flat head screwdriver ,would this increase voltage,

I'm wanting to use this for my 52v (58.8v)battery ,

Is this possible to do .
Thank you
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Re: Increasing voltage on charger

Post by amberwolf » Apr 16 2018 5:44pm

It might--the only way to know is to try it while measuring voltage. If you measure current at the same time youll also see if it changes taht instead of voltage, if you see no change in voltage.

But its unlikely to have that much adjustment range--usually its just a few volts.

Something to keep in mind is that some of the cheap hoverboards chargers were suspected in the fires a few years back; the actual cause was unknown.

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flippy   10 kW

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Re: Increasing voltage on charger

Post by flippy » Apr 17 2018 3:51am

it is current limited so cranking it up 10 volts wou make a 100W charger a 120+W charger. no way that thing will survive that without active cooling.

you can probably set the voltage with the small trim pot at the top left under the red goo.
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