Oppo Find X Super VOOC charging technology

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Oppo Find X Super VOOC charging technology

Post by Veloxy » Jun 24 2018 8:27am

Hello guys!

For anyone who hasn't read the news - https://www.xda-developers.com/lamborgh ... uper-vooc/

I am curious to how they managed to achieve this? 3,730mAh battery fully in 35 minutes.
- What type of battery are they using and how can I get my hands on this battery?
- What charging technology are they using and how could I implement it to my application?

I am currently deep down studying the TI charging IC, more accurately the BQ24616. But I've been off a few months and wondering if I've missed the next best thing available in term of fast charging.

What do you guys think?

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Re: Oppo Find X Super VOOC charging technology

Post by amberwolf » Jun 24 2018 2:51pm

Well, you could charge any regular lithium battery at 2C; it's just going to shorten it's lifespan. Might get it hot, too, depending on cell specifics and conditions.

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Re: Oppo Find X Super VOOC charging technology

Post by flippy » Jun 25 2018 1:41am

They do the same trick that apple uses. When it sees a fast charger it will ignore the current limit and look strickly at temperature. Will will pump in current (up to 5A!) Into the cell and only dial it back to keep the cell from exploding. About 55 degrees. Only 5 degrees from critical.

Great for fast charging but you kill the cell in about 150 cycles
Lithium beats liquid dinosaurs.

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