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52V bms

Posted: Jun 27 2018 8:56pm
by Monti
Hi All

I need to change my bms but want it to be a seamless change so need the balance connector to be the same and ideally the whole board
Its 60x80mm and the balance connector is about 35 mm. Photos attached

Any idea where I can get the same or a compatible one. It is in my 52v shark pack 17.5amphours bought from lunacycle

Thanks for any help
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Re: 52V bms

Posted: Jul 13 2018 11:21am
by x.l.r.8
your best bet is (choose the shortest delivery time from China here) and just make sure you do not undersize it otherwise it will cut out going up hills) trust me I thought matching to my controller was smart at one time, much better to match the output potential of your pack. The problem is the wait time