BMS for Lithium ion Battery

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BMS for Lithium ion Battery

Post by elitewill » Jul 16 2018 11:09am

I want to build a 20S battery out of 18650 cells that can support 200 amps continuous but cant seem to find a BMS that high. How do I manage the discharge of the cells. Is there another way to do it?

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Re: BMS for Lithium ion Battery

Post by amberwolf » Jul 16 2018 12:07pm


Or other similar threads that can be found in this list (most are not relevant but you can generally tell from the titles):
search.php?keywords=bms+contactor&terms ... mit=Search

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Re: BMS for Lithium ion Battery

Post by Jacob's Ladder » Jul 16 2018 7:33pm

Maybe there should be a sticky thread for BMSes that the community has tried and their pros/cons? It's very difficult to parse the mountain of threads that may or may not have answers to questions on available BMSes.

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Re: BMS for Lithium ion Battery

Post by Dr.Feelgood » Jul 20 2018 8:42pm

Check out this site: ... Itemid=605

This BMS can be programmed and is good for 250 amps and is wifi enabled! Of course you will be asked to pay an awful lot for those features, but that is one option that might work for you.

Good luck.

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