A123 LiFePo4 20ah for micro e mobile

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A123 LiFePo4 20ah for micro e mobile

Post by Heinz » Aug 13 2018 12:14pm

I´ve got a e mobile called Twike with old NiCd 280s2p battery packs.

What I´m looking for are cells like A123 LiFePo4 20Ah or anything like this and a trustable seller of these.

The plan would be 7 packs of 17s, in total 119s.
The Twike has like a mini bms, which is able to monitor the voltages of 7 batteries, Default charge cutoff voltage is 417V (3,5 each) and discharge cut off should also be configurable.

Do you think it's enough to monitor the voltages? Or is a additional bms recommended? Then charge plus wire's are seperate?

Does anyone has experience importing these cells into european union esp. germany? +19% Tax and +x% customs from china?
Any experience with pre built packs of companies like GEBattery or OSNPower ?


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