isdt t6, need 24v@30a+ psu for it, help?

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isdt t6, need 24v@30a+ psu for it, help?

Post by jimmyhackers » Aug 21 2018 11:59pm

i bought a isdt t6 lite 600 watt charger.

my friend had one to play with and after realizing it was only 60 quid i was impressed. i could potentially charge up my ebike batteries in an hour or two, so i bought one.

before id been messing about with imax b6s and turnigy accucels...great little boxes but limited to 50-80ws max, so almost a days worth of charging time :s

apparently the t6 can charge a 6s at 25amps....which im sure it can do.

except the input power is 12-30v 30a max..... ive hooked it upto a 12v pc psu with 30a 12v rail giving 300ish watts and basically not enough for the full 600w.

can i get some recommendations for a suitable 24v power supply to use this little magic box to its full potential?

thanks in advance
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