LCB, Lithium Ceramic Battery, flexible and thin

Batteries, Chargers, and Battery Management Systems.
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LCB, Lithium Ceramic Battery, flexible and thin

Post by spinningmagnets » Sep 09 2018 12:34pm

I found the safety tests at 4:20 to be very interesting. The future looks good.

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Re: LCB, Lithium Ceramic Battery, flexible and thin

Post by LockH » Sep 09 2018 3:24pm

Nice. Don't often see ceramic and flexible in the same sentence. :) Was thinking of papering the outside of the velomobile with thin-film solar... now gotta add LCBs plastered all over inside of shell. (Plus add liquid cooling.) :wink:

EDIT: "Best" [C]omment on YT so far?
Nothing was mentioned about battery lifetime: how many times it can be recharged until capacity drops to the certain level? Maybe ceramic lithium battery has lifetime like normal lithium battery?
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