25R Cells with misplaced shrinks

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25R Cells with misplaced shrinks

Post by rg12 » Sep 13 2018 6:50am

Hey guys,

I have this new (but seems reputable) 18650 cell supplier from China.
I buy from them 25R cells which come from the Chinese factory of Samsung.
Recently the cells started coming with the shrink wraps being uneven throughout the stock, meaning that it was placed too far up or too far down on the cell causing the shrink to form a bigger or smaller green (color of the shrink) ring around the top and bottom of the cell.
I'm used to that "ring" being the same size all the time, even from the Chinese factory which I have been buying for two years now.
The thing doesn't affect anything, it just looks less professional and I'm not talking about the shrink coverage of the cell, it's all covered of course but where it wraps on the top and bottom, sometimes it closes more on the top/bottom and sometimes less.

Another thing is that the new codes for a few of the last batches (from two different suppliers) are a different format then the usual recently and it doesn't load in the cell checker page in google (the one that shows the mfg of the cell when typing the 3 letter cell code).

Aside from that everything seems legit, weight, performance (haven't lab tested it though) but the thing with the uneven shrink wrap is worrying me.
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