Quick Question About Ordering/Testing New Cells!

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Quick Question About Ordering/Testing New Cells!

Post by VietJr » Sep 14 2018 7:51pm

Hello there!

I've been wanting to make a new, more professional looking battery pack for an electric motorcycle and I was wondering how everyone goes about sorting weak cells from the group. I've read through a lot of DrkAngel's posts about testing used cells, but I'm wondering if new cells would need to be tested as rigourously?


From what I understand, when ordering new cells in bulk, it's generally a good habit to order about 10-15% more to account for duds, but for bulk orders of let's say >500 cells, would measuring the initial voltage across the cells be sufficient testing to sort out the weaker cells? Or do you think it would be worth investing in making an automated bulk cell cycle tester like jonescg's Arduino project and seeing if there's any significant capacity loss in some cells after say 25-50 cycles?


Also, any good articles about practical ways of keeping battery packs cool when they're encased in a solid pack? Search function couldn't find much for me.

Your input is appreciated! Thanks!
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