advice on bluetooth smart bms please

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advice on bluetooth smart bms please

Post by glyndwr » Sep 20 2018 1:38pm

Hi all,

I have looked through all the 30 pages of the bluetooth bms thread, ive got a question for my particular application though and would appreciate alittle advice please.

I have built a 56v battery using 7 nissan leaf modules, for use with an AC coupled battery storage inverter.
The inverter has a great settings menu to set max / min voltages, max current etc and has wifi to monitor the inverter battery voltage, opwer and current at any time with logging.

So, my question on the bluetooth smart BMS.

I have no intention on connecting the main -ve terminals of the bms to the battery, all i want to do is connect the sense wires, and power it up. All i want is to monitor the cell voltages, and hopefully find a chinese smart bms that will trigger low or high cell voltage alarm relay to cut off contactors that will be in the =ve and -ve cables to the inverter.

As i am writing this query, im thinking the main -ve cables have to be connected to allow the bms to shut off the charge / discharge on the event of cell failure or out of tolerance, but any help or advice greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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