36V Battery bms question

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36V Battery bms question

Post by api » Oct 13 2018 9:42pm

i got 40 3.7 cells 2130mah and i am going to make a 36v battery with 8.5ah can i use a 10s 10a bms or is there 8.5a bms specifcly?

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Re: 36V Battery bms question

Post by LuboN » Oct 26 2018 4:21pm

8,5Ah is capacity. BMS is rated for current. Chose the BMS according to how many amps are You going to draw from Your battery.

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Re: 36V Battery bms question

Post by Matador » Oct 26 2018 11:09pm

Aka check the vaue of your controller (Max amp draw), multiply by 1.25 or 1.5 and chose that amp value for BMS

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