Here is my Current Limiter build off of Fechters diagram.

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Here is my Current Limiter build off of Fechters diagram.

Post by markz » Nov 06 2018 5:54pm

Here is a Fechter's Mini Meanwell Limiter V.3 being put together, it is different doing it like this then drawing on a 1:1 printout and following it. The holes on the pcb are just paired together, no buses. Even my fat fingers can do it after a few tries at prebending the component wire. ... 247718.pdf

The 1kOhm pot is "upside down"
For the current adjust resistor onto of pot, I was thinking of putting in 3 or 4 resistors and using a 4 position dip switch.
The shunt issue I figured out (I think).
Original BOM - ... bHvw%3d%3d
Substituted for
Mode Electronics sells 36-100-0
Electrical Current Rating: 1 Amps Max.
Contact Resistance: 15 mΩ
Max.Insulation Resistance: 1000 MΩ
Min. at 500 VDC
So three 0.015ohm shunts in parallel gets me the 0.005ohms. They are cheap, 8 cents each.

I substituted a few things.
Voltage Regulator: 7812UC in TO200-3 format ST Micro instead ofLM78L12ACZX
The diode I changed, it matches.
LM358n8 On semi, op amp could be the same and probably is the same.

For the connections off the board, I am going to solder in a lot of pads on the pcb and use wire going out.
The small yellow capacitor is hiding under the Vreg.
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