Replacing the Li-ion cell of camera's battery with a SANYO UF553436G

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Replacing the Li-ion cell of camera's battery with a SANYO UF553436G

Post by thunderheart » Nov 11 2018 8:28pm

Hi guys. This is not about e-bikes or EVs but i think it would be interesting for those who own Kodak, Fuji or Pentax compact cameras.
My Kodak KLIC-7004 battery (similar to Fujifilm NP-50, NP-50A, Pentax D-LI68 and D-LI122) was almost dead so i decided to replace the Li-ion cell in it. After peeling the sticker off i found the following marking stuck on the sticker: RHD563436A FTAABFE 3.7V where 563436 is the size of the original cell: 5.6x34x36mm. On Queen Battery's website i found a Sanyo UF553436G which is only 0.1mm thinner and tested it.
I also can be used to replace the cell in Kodak KLIC-7005, Fujifilm NP-40, NP-40N, Pentax D-LI8, Samsung SLB-0737, SLB-0837, Panasonic CGA-S004 series batteries.

Tests were done using ZKETECH EBC-A20, which supports up to 20A discharge, 4-wire measurement and is PC-connected.

I've used version 3.0 of my battery holder based on 0.5mm thick pure copper terminals

I've followed all the prescriptions of the IEC61960-2003 standard concerning battery's capacity measurement. Before each discharging cycle each battery was charged at standard current mentioned in its datasheet to charge end voltage (4.2V) (cut-off at 0.1A, which is the lowest supported by EBC-A20). Before each discharging or charging i've held a 1-1.5hrs pause. The environment temperature was 23.5-24.5°C. To be sure in results i've done each test minimum twice.

The cell which i've tested has two markings:
1. printed on the metal case:
207 0649
2. engraved on the metal case:
036 448

The contact in the middle is the negative and the second one with the whole case is positive.

Specifications from UF553436G's datasheet:
Rated capacity: 800mAh at 20°C
Minimum capacity: 800mAh at 25°C
Typical capacity: 830mAh at 25°C
Nominal voltage: 3.7V
Standard charge current: 800mA
Charge end voltage: 4.2V
Charge cut-off current: 16mA
Max. discharge current: 1.6A
Discharge cut-off voltage: 2.5V
Maximum weight: 15.6g

The measured weight of my UF553436G cell is 15.29g

Capacity test results:
At 0.2C (0.16A) its capacity is higher than declared - 844mAh and even at 1A discharge it remains more than 730mAh! 2A rate is higher than the maximum discharge current (1.6A) but i tested to see how much does the performance go down. UF553436G is not a high drain cell so there is no surprise - the capacity is about half of the rated but the curve still looks nice!

KODAK KLIC-7004's cell replacement
I peeled off the sticker, took out the cell with PCB attached, disconnected the PCB from the cell and spot welded it to the new cell.
Watch the video for details:

SANYO UF553436G costs US$2.5 (without shipping) while noname replacement batteries for KLIC-7004 cost more than US$7 on eBay.

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