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Battery Protection System

Posted: May 26 2021 9:51am
by BPRoS
To the attention of all bike and tech lovers,

We are working on a new device that will improve the performance of your bike, and protect it’s battery - saving you money and providing you with a better riding experience.

Want to know more? Read on.

Funded by a European Grant (TETRAMAX), I was brought together with a team to help me take a crazy idea I once discussed with a friend and turn it into reality. My name is Rado, and I’m an engineer, with a passion for e-biking.

As all of you know, the battery is the main (and most expensive) component of e-bikes, and the one that you need to look out for the most. So I wanted to come up with something that would protect the battery from the extreme weather conditions, and maintain it for longer, increasing both its lifespan and the range you can travel with a single charge. More riding time, more savings = more fun.

We’re currently testing it in real time, but the first results are in, and we believe we can increase the lifetime of any battery with anywhere between 6 months to a year, depending on the original make and model. Furthermore, we have observed a travel range increase of 10-15% and the device is relatively easy to install - what you have to do is redirect the throttle signal to the device. (When a temperature protection is needed for the battery, BMS or the controller, additional temp sensors need to be installed on those components.) Alternatively, you can just bring it to your local bike shop for a quick fix. Comes with a small display attached to the handlebars, to show you real time data about your battery voltage and temperature, and also your motor temperature; and for those who prefer to look at their phones instead, we’ve developed an app with the same functionality..

If that sounds interesting to you - let me know, and I’ll tell you more about it.

P.S. The device is made to fit scooters as well, and I’m currently looking into adapting it for ATVs and water jets. Also working on developing our own fast charger, and adding extra settings that you can customize, so I’m very excited - are you?

If you want more details, send me an email at:

I’ll be here to help!

Ride on and keep safe,


Re: Battery Protection System

Posted: May 26 2021 10:05am
by neptronix
Please post your research ( including methodology ) to back up your claims that you're getting 10-15% more watt hours out of a battery than what's contained inside it.

We'd like to see it, rather than interest being funneled into your email address.

Re: Battery Protection System

Posted: May 26 2021 10:43am
by BPRoS
Hi. Thank you for your interest. The device is not producing more watt-hours from what the battery capacity is. That is impossible. It is modifying the throttle signal to the controller to lower the power when the battery is getting low. When the power is reduced so it is the voltage drop reduced, and from there it takes more time to reach the low voltage protection of the controller or the BMS. The test was done on a 500W hub motor with 48V 14.2 Ah battery(Samsung 29E cells) and 25A cheap Chinese controller. The max range without the device was 34km. With the device it was 43km.Also the throttle reduction feature is used to protect the Controller,BMS, battery or the motor from overheating with temp sensors installation. And Regen throttle is also supported.

Re: Battery Protection System

Posted: May 26 2021 11:07am
by neptronix
Okay thanks for the explanation. That makes sense.
So your device forces the user to sort of nurse the last bit of power out of the battery.

A battery that is well specified for the application cannot really take advantage of this because there will be no excess voltage drop near the end of the charge, nor the top.
But that's not the case with most prebuilt ebikes; they usually don't have headroom in their internal resistance. Same goes for the way people specify batteries their DIY bikes unfortunately..

Basically it's a battery efficiency based throttle limiter, yes?

I think this device would be a hard sell because it rests on the user replacing the BMS with yours..
More likely the best customer would be manufacturers of high grade batteries who are OK throwing some more $ into the net cost of the product.

But having the throttle go to the battery for this to work is quite odd..
This sort of thing would be better implemented at the controller level... it doesn't need to know specifics about cell voltages, just the overall picture. It would be easier to integrate that way.

..however you do have a business risk in that some companies could simply integrate this into their controller logic.

..and also some customers might complain about said controllers leading to putzy experiences :/

If battery efficiency is important to you, i think the solution is more in making sure people are specifying batteries properly for long life and low voltage drop in their applications.

Something akin to an motor simulator for battery design that uses IR data from a site like might be more useful but of course i can't imagine a profit model from that.

Re: Battery Protection System

Posted: May 26 2021 11:16am
by john61ct
I'd be excited to see you do a robust reliable adjustable protective BMS

using a range of OTS external contactors so the BMS is only voltage-based, no need for different models limited at different ampacities

that included this low-SoC limiting functionality as an adjustable option, that the user could disable

Re: Battery Protection System

Posted: May 26 2021 11:35am
by BPRoS
I agree that with well specified battery the problem is not there and i would wish all of us to have enough space for more batteries.I ride 10kw build running on 72V 42Ah(Sanyo cells) battery drawing 140A battery current for which to be normal i would need at least twice the capacity and space.But as you said in most cases battery is working harder than it should, so we should help it to stay alive for longer. The device it not a like a BMS. It is separate module(with small size) which is between the throttle(also the regen throttle at the same time, to lower the regen power if the battery is too cold or it got high charge level)and the controller input. The signal gets ridden and then a modified one is send to the controller based on battery voltage,battery temperature and other temperatures. Some of the high end controllers like ASI got some of these features, but the main target is the low/mid end controllers that don`t have any protections.

Re: Battery Protection System

Posted: May 26 2021 12:22pm
by neptronix
Hm, is the potential customer using a low end controller and the wrong battery for the job really gonna buy and install one of these devices.. only the really prudent would consider it as a way to smooth over some imprudent choices.

I like your idea but doubt you could make a dime selling it unfortunately due to people basically not minding poor design choices that affect long term reliability of batteries.

I'd love to see you prove me wrong - that enough people are concerned with the longevity of their lithium batteries that they're willing to buy a product like this.

I'd like to encourage you to continue thinking about what sort of problems can be solved in electric vehicles.