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New Word for Today - Elechic

Posted: Jun 17 2010 11:08am
by Lock
File this under Marketing...

Velorbis is a Danish mfgr of "Euro-style" bikes with classic stylings:

Some of their bikes look like they could carry quite a lot of batteries:

... anyway, point is only that they now offer a fabulously expensive power-assist option for many of their pedal bikes ("€2,250 - RRP for Elechic's advanced electric driving system only (excludes cost of chosen bicycle)."

I do like their label "elechic"... Looks like finally ES folks are no longer ebike nerds but instead now "chic" :lol:

Re: New Word for Today - Elechic

Posted: Dec 07 2016 8:22am
by LockH
Velorbis pops up again...

"Bicicleta Elétrica Velorbis “Who says an electric bike cannot be sophisticated, stylish, streamlined ... "


Nice grouping on Instagram BTW: