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Re: Vaporware and failed EV companies

Posted: Jun 13 2012 1:42am
by Jason27
it's sad to see so many electric vehicle and g reen technology companies fail. I think it's due to unrealistic demand expectations. market factors play a role. everyone is broke right now and cant afford expensive green technology.

I'm looking at the electric bike market in particular. there is some demand but tons of competition and options for the individual consumer. take me for example, I built my own electric bike rather than buying one from a company like many on this forum have.. in all honesty I don't see how ebike companies can be profitable.

In 2015, we can see that some were not failures!

Posted: Jul 29 2015 2:53pm
by 4LivesPerGallon
It is now 2015, and our group in Vancouver has owned more than 10, since 1998.

There were frauds, for sure, and a lot of badly-designed and/or badly-made electric bikes, scooters, and cars.

However, the fundamental fact is that manufacturing is done in "batches". A batch of 500 might be made at a profit, and that is a success, not a failure.

The Currie bike company was a success, started by a retired CEO of a weapons-maker who realized what his job was "wrong", and probably started making ebikes to correct his journey in life. I owned several Currie bikes and scooters, all great, and saved me 5X to 10X what I paid for them.

Gen. Wesley Clark was behind Tidalforce, which was an improvement of the Currie folding ebike. It sold thousands and replaced a lot of gasoline, too. Not a failure, in my view.

The defining rule, as to whether it was a fraud, or a sincere effort, is this: Did the company honor its warranty?

From actual experience, here is my "honor roll" i.e. the good guys/proucts, many of whom are no longer around:

- The first owners of
- The first owners of Currie (Dr. Malcolm Currie)
- Advanced Motors - DC motors
- BMC motors (India?)
- MAC motors
- Hawker Genesis ultra-high-discharge/charge sealed lead acid batteries
- Soneil battery chargers
- Razor 350W trail motorbike

Re: Vaporware and failed EV companies

Posted: Nov 05 2016 9:01am
by 4LivesPerGallon
Brentis wrote:Not Vaporware as they did sell a few examples.
Maybe a few years ahead of their time.(early 00's)
The electric scoot that first caught my attention.
Voloci 1.jpg
voloci-Rear Linkage Suspension..JPG
Still has the ideal mechanical layout to my eye.


I almosts bought a Voloci. Their very-honest dealer, MacGregor, from, recommended I **not buy** the Voloci.

Re: Vaporware and failed EV companies

Posted: Nov 05 2016 9:04am
by 4LivesPerGallon
Toshi wrote:Image

Brammo Empulse. Current status: Still vaporware, although Brammo at least has shipped a few Enertias to show that they're for real.
Saw a real one.

Btw, the Brammo company was bought out by a large, real, company that makes ATV's and snowmobiles.

Re: Vaporware and failed EV companies

Posted: Nov 15 2016 1:46pm
by 4LivesPerGallon
Green Machine wrote:No one mentioned tidal force yet? Back in 2003 tidal force threw 30 million dollars into trying to build the perfect ebike.

They were run at one point by a retired military general who promised to get them military contracts.

At one point the ebike was tested by the military in afghanistan....FAIL...

So they tried to drum up dealers here in the US, but pissed off their whole dealer network when they started selling at costco (same mistake zap made).

Costco didnt sell many tidal forces and the few that they did sale had a high return rate.

Tidal force hung up its hat and gave up. $30 million wasted.

That general is Gen. Wesley Clark, who exposed the Illuminati agenda right after 9-11.

The $30M wasn't wasted imo. I got to breathe cleaner air, avoiding COPD which is "the next leading cause of death" according to a lecture by a nurse at a public library.

Re: Vaporware and failed EV companies

Posted: Nov 15 2016 1:49pm
by 4LivesPerGallon
Dauntless wrote:Yeah, pretty sure. No reason to expect that it IS some sort of legislative roadblock.

Take the Aptera, for example. If it wasn't so crappy, they could have brought it to market. But who would be fook enough to invest in a car they would lose control of driving in a straight line? What a joke for them to show up at the 'X-Prize' and be unable to change lanes. CHANGE LANES. Simply being electric does not make the immense shortcomings excuseable. Oh, being 3 wheeled DID get it out of all that crash testing.

As Fizzit says, it sure SOUNDS good, but when you can't back up the claims, or as with the Aptera, you can't actually go anywhere with it, becomging vapourwaruee is the best thing for everyone.

As already said, there are many reasons.

Don't forget the book, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" and the controlled media, and social media censorship. (Go to if this is news to you.)

After Aptera bankruptcy, former employees said it was a scam from the get-go.