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Re: Tesla Model 3

Posted: May 09 2019 10:33am
by billvon
Hillhater wrote:
May 09 2019 12:54am
..this is a chicken/egg senario where manufacturers are reluctant to release volumes of new technology (EV’s) into regions that do not yet have the support infrastructure to deal with any problems.
Of course. This is mainly charging location access. The maintenance part isn't as big a deal.
At the same time , Dealerships ( the conventional, ..independantly owned model,.. still used by most manufacturers), are reluctant to invest in retraining technicians or new facilities and equipment, to provide the support for EV’s before there is sufficient demand to justify the investment.
They've already invested. While I had a Leaf, the Nissan dealership was quite capable of taking care of maintenance. There will, of course, always be more people more comfortable taking care of older vehicles because they've been doing it for longer.
It may well take some time...experienced ICE technicians can still have problems identifying the cause of a simple dash warning light ( “Engine Fault”)....even with all the modern computer diagnostics !
Right - and that exact same skill set (diagnostics from a computer code) is the skill set needed to deal with EV's.

Re: Tesla Model 3

Posted: May 11 2019 3:02am
by TheBeastie
This 3rd party Tesla repair service shop seems to have gained a following on YouTube for knowing the Tesla EV's inside out.
This video is absolutely chockablock full of interesting stuff about Tesla EVs and its problems.

I have time-linked it to the part I found the most interesting, this Tesla repair expert says along the lines "Tesla really doesn't want their damaged/past-their-warranty cars on the roads, but if Tesla wants the cars insurance costs to be generally affordable they have to support 3rd party repair/service shops".

Musk’s recent statements of how good his automobiles are for the environment, and how the company was founded to help mitigate climate change, the idea of a single chip rendering a relatively new car nigh unusable doesn’t exactly mesh with one another. ... ittershare

Q: Does Tesla AP handle tight turns well?
A: No. In this video you can see the vehicle crossover and drive on the wrong side of the road at just 18 mph.

Been news about Googles Waymo saying Elon is wrong about LIDAR. Most of the articles are paywalled.
All up I think it's good that we see all these "self-driving tech wars" between these companies, should angry up the blood and finally get affordable self-driving done.
I have watched A LOT of Googles Waymo self-drive demonstrations on YouTube and Waymo actually looks far more smarter in knowing what's going on. In fact, I am sure if Tesla had Waymos self-driving ability, Tesla would claim FSD is now complete/perfect.

I think there is a large difference in general attitude between how Google's Waymo and Tesla believe what Full-Self-Drive should be, that is, Waymo's view of the self-driving car should be truly perfect, in that someone can jump in front of a speeding Waymo car just 3 meters in front and the car will stop in time %100 of the time.
Conversely, I think Elon/Tesla's main goal is, "if the car can just basically compare to a generally bad driver in road-statistics then the FSD is ready." ... 3f56f84eea ... usk-tesla/ ... ?r=AU&IR=T ... 3f56f84eea

In other words, the goals/standards are very different. I think the overly pure geek 100% perfect attitude of Waymo and also the cost of LIDAR is holding Waymo back from deploying

But the LIDAR costs is well on its way to being solved, manufacturing giant Nikon has announced its plans to "mass produce" a LIDAR sensor. I really think this is big news, this has really held LIDAR back, the costs.
Nikon will help build Velodyne's lidar sensors for future self-driving cars
Mass production is expected to begin in the second half of this year ... ving-cars/
Velodyne Lidar partners with Nikon to mass-produce cheaper lidar sensors ... r-sensors/
Beyond autonomous vehicles and advanced driver-assistance systems, Velodyne plans to use Nikon’s mass manufacturing scale as lidar sales expand within other emerging markets. The company said the partnership will help its low-cost lidar solutions benefit a range of business segments, including robotics, security, mapping, agriculture, and unmanned aerial vehicles.
10,000 Electric Hatchback Pre-Orders "Overload" Volkswagen's IT Systems ... it-systems

I am starting to feel evil jerk posting these charts, but logically, there is nothing I can say/post/do that could actually hurt Tesla.

Re: Tesla Model 3

Posted: May 11 2019 4:25am
by Hillhater
billvon wrote:
May 09 2019 10:33am
.... While I had a Leaf, the Nissan dealership was quite capable of taking care of maintenance. ......
Maybe , one day , perhaps you will take the time to have a look at the world outside California ! :es:

Re: Tesla Model 3

Posted: May 12 2019 1:30am
by Arlo1
Hillhater wrote:
May 11 2019 4:25am
billvon wrote:
May 09 2019 10:33am
.... While I had a Leaf, the Nissan dealership was quite capable of taking care of maintenance. ......
Maybe , one day , perhaps you will take the time to have a look at the world outside California ! :es:
They maintain them here in most of BC as well.

I meen most of the stuff is tires and windshield wiper blades but they do send techs for training at most of the Nissan shops here.

Re: Tesla Model 3

Posted: May 13 2019 10:44am
by TheBeastie
Great video breaking down the cost of a Tesla 3, WSJ claim 40% of the cost of the car is the battery pack. While the story is paywalled the video is free to watch.
The way I see it is, cost means energy, so if the battery cost 40% of the car then that is also where a lot of energy and thus co2 was emitted making the car. For the sake of equivalency, $10,000 worth of petroleum fuel is a lot of miles driving.

Brother, Tesla Can’t Spare a Dime ... 1557739800 ... 15603.html

New article from BI, maybe interesting, a bit click-baity?
It's time for Tesla to go into stealth mode for the rest of 2019 ... ?r=US&IR=T
New article. Tesla's sales numbers for April in China came out, they were incredibly low, so low they didn't make it on the top 10 EV car sales list in China.
May 15, 2019
Slow Sales In China Highlight Tesla's Demand Problem ... 82630d46ed
The Model 3 does not show up on Gasgoo’s list of the top-ten selling NEVs in China in April. The number ten model on that list, JAC’s iEV6E, sold 3,002 units for the month of April. So, the only conclusion I can draw (I have reached out to Tesla management for comment; they have yet to respond) is that Tesla did not even sell 3,000 Model 3s in China in April.

That elicited a “whoa” from me. There has been so much hype in so many places about the Model 3 that I had assumed it would come roaring out of the gate in China as soon as models were available there.

New Tesla Model 3 Autopilot crash decapitates the driver.
There have been a lot of "suspicious" crashes with Tesla where the car was totally destroyed so the investigators can't work out of autopilot was engaged or not. But this time the car made it through the crash in good condition so the investigators can pinpoint that the autopilot was entirely at fault.

In this case, the driver activated Autopilot, took his hands off the wheel, and was dead 10 seconds later after he hit a tractor-trailer crossing the highway ... minary.pdf ... crash-ntsb ... sb-model-3
T. Rowe Price Associates Inc. sold roughly 81% of its shares of Tesla Inc. over the first three months of the year, marking a sharp retreat for a firm that for years had been one of the electric-car maker’s biggest investors. ... 1557964482