News around Tesla safety and injury

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News around Tesla safety and injury

Post by methods » Jun 21 2017 11:14am

You may have read Elon Musks letter to Tesla employees.

I worked at Tesla for about half a year.
I explored nearly every square foot of Deer Creek and Fremont

I saw nothing that raised alarm as a safety concern after looking hard.
R&D is what it should be and what it must be for this type of work.
Production was squared away and ship-shape... This was no rag-tag operation.
Workspace was clearly marked and flow was orchestrated

Admittedly I did not test "up the chain" communication... But engineers are everywhere and a lingering safety issue would be due only to a failure in leadership.

I judge acceptable safety by my professional and personal experience.

*10 years at a national laboratory (qualified for high voltage and explosives)
* 6 years working startup companies where safety ended with the engineer
* Half a year on a production line (Zero Motorcycles) as a quality officer
* Tens of thousands of hours running power tools, welders, pneumatics, etc
* Thousands of hours assembling and disassembling cars and engines
* A year working on autonomous robots that could dismember you

Nobody is better qualified to wave a safety flag.
There is no call for change.

As the late, great, Sheldon Brown once called it out:. "Well meaning alarmists"

They are a viable threat to progress and it is no fault of their own... To grossly generalize... Folks who fall into the his role often times do so out of lack of personal hands on experience.

Hands on experience builds gut feeling, lizard brain understanding, and reasonable safety measures.

As to th current state of our "media"... Well... I have no comment on that.

Increasing battery voltage and controller current limit will result in a non linear experience

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