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lester12483   10 kW

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Post by lester12483 » Jul 20 2017 6:58am

Anyone know what happened to these guys? They were supposed to bring out a super capacity battery then they basically vanished..
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fechter   100 GW

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Post by fechter » Jul 20 2017 2:04pm

The device never existed. These guys were investor scammers. Much like the Rossi e-Cat and many others I can think of.

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Post by amberwolf » Jul 20 2017 2:06pm

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Chalo   100 GW

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Post by Chalo » Jul 20 2017 2:14pm

It wasn't a battery they purported to develop, but a capacitor with battery-like energy capacity. Even if such a thing were real-- which it isn't-- that would be a much more difficult kind of energy storage to use than a chemical battery which discharges most of its energy within a narrow range of voltage.
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Post by Hillhater » Jul 20 2017 5:10pm

fechter wrote:?....... These guys were investor scammers. Much like the Rossi e-Cat and many others I can think of.
:( :o Nooooooo !... I was sure the e-cat had been wisked away to Area 51 ready to power the Mars Colony !. :wink:
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