How to program Kelly Controllers

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How to program Kelly Controllers

Post by Electro » Jun 05 2010 11:35am

If you own a Kelly controller, you know that there are 2 separate settings for limiting the current output: Motor Current & Battery Current. These 2 parameters are set in the configuration program on your PC. Because the configuration program uses percentages to set the current, and because there is a relationship between the Motor current and Battery current, it is not readily apparent how much current your controller will be outputting. I contacted Kelly and asked for the formula that is used to set the 2 currents, Here's the info. they gave me:

First you will need to know the PEAK phase current rating of your controller. (not the Continuous current rating, which is what I thought at first) For example, I am using the KEB72450, it has a Peak phase current rating of 150 Amps.
Second, calculate the motor current by multiplying the peak phase current by the percentage you set in the config. program.
Third, calculate the battery current by multiplying the motor current by the percentage set in the config program.

Here's the formulas:
Motor current = Peak phase current rating X percentage
Battery current = Motor current X percentage

For example, if you set the max motor current at 50% and battery current at 70% (with the KEB 72450)
motor current will be 150A X 50% = 75 Amps (150 X .5 = 75)
battery current will be 75A X 70% = 52.5 Amps (75 X .7 = 52.5)

For reference, here's a screenshot of the configuration program:
KellyController.JPG (60.05 KiB) Viewed 3469 times

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