200 Deg C Teflon Wire Ampacity Table

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200 Deg C Teflon Wire Ampacity Table

Post by bigmoose » Aug 29 2011 7:51am

Now everything you will ever need to know about wire ampacity is in the following graphs:
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Re: 200 Deg C Teflon Wire Ampacity Table

Post by liveforphysics » Jul 07 2012 2:52pm

This wire isn't teflon, but it's still a fun example of too much current for 4awg cable. :-)

It's also important to realize that your controllers output (brushed or brushless alike) can be outputting 100-600amps (or whatever) to the motor while your battery current may be only 30-40amps (going slowly up a hill in traffic or whatever), and you don't even realize how much burden your motor cabling is under.


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Re: 200 Deg C Teflon Wire Ampacity Table

Post by fechter » Nov 12 2012 2:01pm

As usual, Luke is off the chart. :twisted:

It did take quite a while to get up to smoking temperature, so for short bursts it seems like it would survive.
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