How to install 12 gauge spokes to conventional ebike rim

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How to install 12 gauge spokes to conventional ebike rim

Post by Doctorbass » Sep 23 2011 8:44pm

I made a quick video to show you a trick to remove the eyeslet of conventional rim to be able to fit the 12 gauge nipples

As well.. i'll add a washer between the nipple and the rim to extand the surface area and not stress too much the border of the aluminum holes

That idea become 100% bulletproof by completing it with that following nipple and eyeslet upgrade:

I must add that the main idea is this:

- to be able to fit 12 gauge spokes to normal eyeslet rim
- to gave stronger wheel assembly
- to use a known mecanical principle to distribute the force with uniformity around a hole ( spherical washer technique)
- Having a larger surface in the rim than a common eyeslet offer where the pressure is applied by the nipple.
- Be able to NOT bend the spokes and have a stronger wheel
- Having better quality spokes and nipples with HOLMES HOBBIES LLC stuff than the past NewsonSportec one wich had a REALLY bad QC.. ( half the nipples was unusable )

The spherical washer is a known device in mecanical ingeneering that allow to apply a force that is applied in a specific direction and to preserve the uniformity of the pressure applied on the parts.


12g spokes with better  nipple and eyeslet.JPG
12g spokes with better nipple and eyeslet.JPG (64.98 KiB) Viewed 4484 times
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