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3D Cad Software

Posted: Sep 21 2013 8:25am
by TylerDurden
Lotta software out there... some is free, some is useful...

Here is a newcomer that might be both, depending on your needs.

It is direct-editing, similar to Sketchup:


UN-like Sketchup, it outputs some useful filetypes:

It will import STEP files, but not export them.

If you're on a tight budget, Designspark Mechanical might be suitable.

I downloaded it (450MB) but, I haven't tried it yet.


Tried it a bit... quite nice for a free 3D application.

This is not exactly "new", this is a spinoff of Spaceclaim. ... #more-7531

Re: 3D Cad Software

Posted: Sep 25 2013 8:47am
by TylerDurden
Here's another:


From the site:
  • Release 2.0 is available for download, now as GPL'd free software.

    SOLVESPACE is a parametric 3d CAD program. Applications include:

    modeling 3d parts — draw with extrudes, revolves, and Boolean (union / difference) operations
    modeling 2d parts — draw the part as a single section, and export DXF, PDF, SVG; use 3d assembly to verify fit
    3d-printed parts — export the STL or other triangle mesh expected by most 3d printers
    preparing CAM data — export 2d vector art for a waterjet machine or laser cutter; or generate STEP or STL, for import into third-party CAM software for machining
    mechanism design — use the constraint solver to simulate planar or spatial linkages, with pin, ball, or slide joints
    plane and solid geometry — replace hand-solved trigonometry and spreadsheets with a live dimensioned drawing
(I've not tried it yet.)