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Re: Using EV Chargers

Post by methods » Jan 12 2020 2:13pm

Current Standards:

I promote JSON over XML
I promote BLE over WiFi (for future security reasons)
I promote Modular Approach that stacks over custom PCB's (Adafruit is leading the pack for innovation, cost, and support)
I promote an aging workforce over an all-greenhorn team (seen it fail too many times, respect your elders)
I promote high voltage over high current (obviously)
I promote no-tax energy transactions (as the desire to tax transfer is the biggest blocker to EV infrastructure)
I promote Honesty over War and Fighting and Religion
I promote Android over Apple because of their inclusive and open source ethos
I promote Arduino over all embedded, because it is the clear winner
I promote Graphical Programming languages like LabView and MIT App Inventor (because it enforces 3rd Party Check)
I promote nobody because they pay me to. . . and that is why my opinion is actually worth something

I use 3rd party Cell providers because they let me run on whatever towers I want or need for my area
I use Cable Internet over DSL because it is faster
I use Honda Generators because they are at least 2X better than the competition
I use Hybrid Cars because I often drive 3+ hours in a day

I treat life like a Johnny Apple Seed opportunity. . . planting seeds and planting seeds and planting seeds. . . every where I go. And, so that we are clear, I am not talking about planting human seeds - I am talking about seeding ideas. Keep sex out of the workplace, stick to one partner, make sure the partner you pick values children over all other things.

I promote robotizing the workforce
I do not promote Union, until they are ready to grapple with reality, we are robotizing the workforce... so please get with it.

I am an Engineer and I am out here all on my own. There is no "Corporate Daddy" sheltering me from rain, there is no Union assuring I get a fair wage... I work for what I have to work for to pay the bills. I have worked for $3.75/hr and I have worked for $137.50/hr. Engineers do what they have to do and we are looking out for you in the long run.

We are heading to Outer Space
Please get your shit together

Increasing battery voltage and controller current limit will result in a non linear experience

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