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Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jan 12 2020 2:13pm
by methods
Current Standards:

I promote JSON over XML
I promote BLE over WiFi (for future security reasons)
I promote Modular Approach that stacks over custom PCB's (Adafruit is leading the pack for innovation, cost, and support)
I promote an aging workforce over an all-greenhorn team (seen it fail too many times, respect your elders)
I promote high voltage over high current (obviously)
I promote no-tax energy transactions (as the desire to tax transfer is the biggest blocker to EV infrastructure)
I promote Honesty over War and Fighting and Religion
I promote Android over Apple because of their inclusive and open source ethos
I promote Arduino over all embedded, because it is the clear winner
I promote Graphical Programming languages like LabView and MIT App Inventor (because it enforces 3rd Party Check)
I promote nobody because they pay me to. . . and that is why my opinion is actually worth something

I use 3rd party Cell providers because they let me run on whatever towers I want or need for my area
I use Cable Internet over DSL because it is faster
I use Honda Generators because they are at least 2X better than the competition
I use Hybrid Cars because I often drive 3+ hours in a day

I treat life like a Johnny Apple Seed opportunity. . . planting seeds and planting seeds and planting seeds. . . every where I go. And, so that we are clear, I am not talking about planting human seeds - I am talking about seeding ideas. Keep sex out of the workplace, stick to one partner, make sure the partner you pick values children over all other things.

I promote robotizing the workforce
I do not promote Union, until they are ready to grapple with reality, we are robotizing the workforce... so please get with it.

I am an Engineer and I am out here all on my own. There is no "Corporate Daddy" sheltering me from rain, there is no Union assuring I get a fair wage... I work for what I have to work for to pay the bills. I have worked for $3.75/hr and I have worked for $137.50/hr. Engineers do what they have to do and we are looking out for you in the long run.

We are heading to Outer Space
Please get your shit together


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Mar 16 2020 8:13am
by methods
Here is a very useful link:

CCS (Combine Charging System) Design Guide: ... V3_1_1.pdf
Untitled.png (272.92 KiB) Viewed 1890 times
Backup of that on my servers ... V3_1_1.pdf

If anyone has a PDF of the ISO 15118 I would appreciate a copy of it.
I will post it or keep it secret, whatever you prefer.

. . .

Lately I have been doing a lot of hard core, low level, AT commands for communicating over 2G/3G/4G modules.
AT.png (69.68 KiB) Viewed 1890 times
This has brought me back around to the requirements for this project.
HTTPS.png (74.44 KiB) Viewed 1890 times
HTTPS is really super simple.

0) Get some hardware (covered previously)
1) Acquire HTTPS protocol stack
2) Open HTTPS session
3) Send HTTPS request
4) Receive HTTPS response

. . . Have a look at the PDF linked. That is a very high level and very informative document. That is where you want to start. . . short of having an example.

If anyone has some Github - eh. . . anything at all that will compile. . . you will save me QUITE a bit of time.
(hint hint)


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Mar 16 2020 8:31am
by methods
I previously turned down work in this area.
TWICE :confused:
Even when I was out of work.

There were 3 reasons for that

1) I was rusty with the HTTPS Stack, but I just got done doing a bunch of this for building a 3G IoT solution straight to AWS.
2) A cooling off period was required, as I had just left a competitor company, and I had access to sensitive information.
3) Although I left with no IP, the appearance of as much, would be no good for my career.

I often work as a Test Engineer or in the Validation of products, so of course I have access to all of the undulating guts and internals. That said, I also spent 10 years working for the Department of Energy. . . so If I say I did not open the repository, then I did not open the repository.

Matters not. . as every code (especially my own) carries with it a signature. Anyone trying to bootleg code is quickly identified. Even more important. .. any code that you do not truly understand is of little to no value. I roll my own every time.

I may start with examples (like Adafruit or GitHub) but I always end up rolling my own thru the Validation phase.


Cooling off period has expired.
Willing to work in EVSE
Most interested in getting my own stack up and running. . . so. . . not interested in working with any Patent Trolls.

I have my own hardware and my own skills.
Looking for a cut-off CCS1 or CCS2 mated pair** -> Those are expensive bastards!


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Nov 13 2020 11:36pm
by methods
Slammed working startups. . . but on the topic of hacking DC Fast Charges:
IMG_20201003_082406_compress91.jpg (525.33 KiB) Viewed 638 times
I bought a Solar Powered Well pump (good one). It does Power Line Communication. The topic of PLC is something worth hacking thru. It needs to get to "Arduino Shield with Starter Code" level if we are going to get mass traction.

... Anyhow
This particular pump works of of DC or AC. Pushes like 400' of head and so far I have tested it to fairly good success. If I can find time to breath I will use the hacking of that device to show how you:

* physically attach
* bring up basic comms
* decode and decipher

Easiest way is to have both ends of the conversation. . . so. . .

* Buy the company supplied communication box
* Tap in "Man in the Middle"
* Fiddle bits until intelligible data appears
* Then return the control box (if you are that cheesy/broke)

Get that working. . . and along with a few open source stacks, you can be running DC Fast charge in no time. Car side is stupid easy. Charger side is reasonably easy for a single target.