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Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 07 2019 3:30pm
by methods
But that is OK
I am methods
I can not be beaten down by anyone, anywhere, for long

Whether or not these chips will work - I do not know

It is the right chip set
I wont have to do BGA soldering
I can easily hack the PCB

I must have these
They come from China...

Devoting all energy to finding these now


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 07 2019 3:39pm
by methods
Request for Quote sent out.

When requesting quote, I suggest doing the following:

* basic hello and I hope you are doing well

* keep it super short and simple - think bad translation

* Ask for the price shipped

I asked for 10pcs shipped express
I asked for 100pcs shipped cheapest

From that I expect a price and lead time
I provided payment methods - Bank Transfer, Paypal, etc... be ready to do business... Quotes are good for about a day or three.

I am ready to buy 10pcs NOW shipped FAST
I will evaluate those
We will see if they work

If they work - I buy 100pcs Shipped SLOW
The first 10pcs get eaten up to R&D
This golden unit... that golden unit

The next 100pcs are used to develop reliability
They are sold assembled into other things near cost
They are intended only for the design to mature and for the information to spread

... :flame: :flame: :flame: :flame: :flame: :flame: :flame: :flame:

No haters allowed


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 07 2019 3:43pm
by methods
As an engineer...
Sometimes young guys ask me how to get rolling

They want to know how I get all juiced up
They are not excited about anything

... First I tell them to stop taking the prescription drugs :lol:

Later I explain that I have been upset since I was 3yo

I just have a fire burning in me
I have to set super clear boundaries with people... cuz... I have seen the worst that people can offer.

My birth father will claim otherwise
He will claim that many had it worse
I am sure he is correct -

But that is fallacy

I feel the way I feel
I am a bad-ass engineer
I channel my wicked energy into solving problems which others have not yet solved

Some easy problems
Some hard problems


Watch this

:lowbatt: :bolt:


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 07 2019 3:48pm
by methods
Check these prices out - must be pesos

mmm... MUCH more likely to buy from a website like this one... ... -interface

$40 bucks eh?
Out of stock... lets go investigate that website


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 07 2019 3:51pm
by methods
I am posting pornography on ES. . .

This should be illegal yes?


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 07 2019 4:01pm
by methods
Refined Key Word List

(See how I am solving this like a compiler would?)

WisPLC Pro Power Line Development Board

BarSterdz say they have it... ... 29441.html


HOme run!!!!!

... Methods is rounding third base...

Brown juice pouring out of his pants leg... running has fast as he frugging can... ball is flying in from left field... coming right for the back of my head... I aint looking back... catcher better get the hell out of my way... 200lbs of pissed off whiteboy COMMING THRU ... 17_Web.pdf

I dont even hesitate
If I see 6pcs of that sitting at Digikey... I buy 5 before I even LOOK to see what else they have

I OWN these

Ok... These are my PROPERTY now
and I can return them if they are not good.. but I have paid
They are mine
DropBeat.png (47.65 KiB) Viewed 122 times
THAT is a race to the finish line
I probably just made a million dollars

Laugh all you want
I left one in the cart for you


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 07 2019 4:11pm
by methods
Nah dog...
I have heard enough yapping
DropBeat.png (20.07 KiB) Viewed 121 times
I have left one of everything in the bin
Took them

... They will be at my shop.
If anyone wants to play with me... PayPal me what I paid for them + Digikey to me + Me to you and they are yours.

I think I now own all of the available hardware on the planet

My hope is that ...
Whether this shit works or not...
That Digikey re-orders.

Some rotten little robot at Digikey right now is figuring...
how long did this sit on the shelf..
How much did we make off it
How many will we sell...
Who bought it...

Lucky for you I am top tier at Digikey so they will be like "OMG - methods ordered it? ChuckNoris!(( Order more quick!!)


That his how a revolution gets started
You take the money out of your pocket
You take a full day off of work
You fight and you fight and you fight

You dont go look at what any body else did... those haters may say it does not work... RIGHT?
You gamble
You gamble to WIN

You lose a few
You win a few
You fight and you fight and you fight

Tired of these sorry ass busters :wink:


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 07 2019 5:59pm
by bigmoose
These are the threads I wait to savor!

However, wish it didn't say "has 128 bit AES encryption" ... hope they didn't encrypt the data stream...

Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 07 2019 6:35pm
by methods
Hey Moose

I have worked "around" these chips for a couple years now. I did not bother to dig into minutia.. . but they claim compatibility as far as I can tell... and... I know how to line up the hardware around them :bolt: . .. . . I have a unit test to run them against -


We will see :D

.... I just invited another enthusiast to join us. We will see if that individual is into raising hell.


* Mobile 50KW BBQ that works anywhere there is EV Fast Charging
* Mobile Ebike Charger that is guaranteed to destroy the bicycle
* Mobile Zero Motorcycle Charger (if they dont get off their butts...)

I am going to have a dead simple profile selection tool.
Runs on an Android Phone via Bluetooth
Point and click

The target purpose for this is of course Cycle Testing. . . So... run a profile, run a profile, run a profile... forever. Upload data to a server while you do so. Allow remote control from server if authenticated.


... You know... Just playing "Remote Control 1/2MW Power Supplies" :mrgreen: