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Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 20 2019 10:02pm
by methods
Nice... dead link after dead link

Power LIne Transformer: ... -12-23.pdf
Source: ... en-Phy.htm

Reference: SPI protocol doc... reasonable doc... short ... v.%203.pdf

Ah.... C L I C K

Reference: PLC = Qualcomm Atheros integrated Powerline Communication (PLC) circuits
Reference: Atheros is a key word (missed that before)

>...... This is called the "Bruit Force Method"

I do not need to think to do this
I just HAMMER Google with my GoogleFoo
When I am done... big pile of rocks

I then crush up those rocks
Soak in chemicals
Extract gold

If you try to crush all rocks on internet, you run out of chemicals, and you get no gold.
You must make passes thru the bedrock. . .


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 20 2019 10:10pm
by methods
So from that I gather that it is not a range (as sometimes there are many versions as time goes by... )

But two categories or types?
QCA7000/QCA7005 (which we already determined are the same functionally)


Guessing ...
The 7420 came later
The 7420 is legacy compatible
The 7420 is faster or more powerful or more efficient or smaller footprint or with more IO

... Back to the source of the questions:
I started here:

I saw that they sell two flavors of toy
This faster toy:
Based on: QCA7420

Vs slower toy based on this: QCA641X
That looks like Muck - tossing that to side of pile. Tailings


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 20 2019 10:15pm
by methods

Top of page 9, confirmation and clue

"Ethernet PHY support"

PHY is requirement for what we need to implement
We can now equate that to Ethernet... so...

That clues us in

.. Now it is time to go back and read more on PHY - starting with WIKI

(I am demonstrating this so you see... that it is not like you just go someplace and look at the cook-book when you want to fry some fish. There are a million fish recipes. There are a thousand kinds of fish. There are 10,000 spices.... Before you go try to read... you have to have your KEY WORDS... your ZOOM TOOLS... so you can sift from all the rubble the ore which is most likely to produce results)

(I go at it pigheaded first... I learned this long ago... as going in with a scapulae from the very beginning can lead to months or years lost going down this rabbit hole and that rabbit hole)

(Breadth and Depth - this is how we attack. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM then one big DEPTH CHARGE then back to BOOM BOOM BOOM)


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 20 2019 10:26pm
by methods
So... time to play Monopoly... but...

The demo board landed
As well as 6pcs of the module found on the Demo Board
(For my board)

As well as the one-off ... ND/9597665

My hope
Is that coming into this totally blind
I can buy one more bit... (or make something)
And hook this up to a CCS1 Charge Station
And successfully sniff out a session


No doubt there will be some KFF along the way
(and thanks to whoever turned Kentucky Friend Finger into a gif)


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 20 2019 10:34pm
by methods
Again - for the whole show, reference this: ... s-lx200v30

Where it is said. .. .
APPLICATIONS..... "Automotive electronic charging pile" (of shit)

Where it is said. .. .
INCLUDES........ "PLC transmission transformers"

I am hoping that.... :lol:


NOTE: Over the last 5 or 10 years... I have found more GREEN information coming out of Canada and the UK than the US by a LONG STRETCH.

NOTE: Over the same time period I have met more super awesome folks who are 100% down for the revolution from UK and Canada sources. Sad but true... To really get an EV masturbating session going... one has to jump the globe at times.


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 20 2019 11:39pm
by methods
The 420 chip. . .


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 21 2019 9:07am
by methods
RAK Open Source Hardware
Clearly friends of the revolution
Hire them


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 21 2019 9:22am
by methods
Ah yes...
These are our Friends yea?

Are you seeing?


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 21 2019 9:23am
by methods

Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 21 2019 9:25am
by methods


:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :bigthumb: :bigthumb: :bigthumb:


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 21 2019 9:31am
by methods
So now we look thru the Demo Board schematic to identify all the peripherals needed to make the basic module work.
(Because we have only 1 demo board. . . )

Only person who is lacking good sense goes and tries to test against 200V-1000V Car Charging yes? First you get baseline running really well in the basement. Then you go out to do field test.

First you get baseline running bulletproof in basement
Then you go out to do field test

First you get baseline running all day every day in basement - no hiccups
Then you go do field test


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 21 2019 9:40am
by methods
Next Step is to print everything out in PAPER

Wood pulp smashed together by big steel rollers
Do not skip this step

... You will need to take this printed paper to the bathroom with you. Every time you sit on the toilet, you read this paper. Front to back. Front to back. Front to back.

When you think you know all the information
then you read it from Back to Front
If you can not anticipate each technical subject and know answer immediately

Then you did not study enough

>.. Think I am joking dawg?

Study it until you KNOW IT
NOt...... Until you can "Regurgitate it"

... I need no human to regurgitate. I have computer for this now YES?
I have google to regurgitate

My plan for Human is to THINK INTO FUTURE

To think in a way which is profitable for me. . . I will need you to KNOW (not think you know)... K N O W ... a bunch of really complicated stuff.


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 21 2019 9:49am
by methods
Hmmm... nice

Now I have reading material.
I see that it is supplied by a company named RAK

The simplest, the best
(I agree. Simple is best. Always)

Shenzhen Rakwireless Technology Co., Ltd

This is a Chinese Company yes?
We are friends.

.... See Donald?
This is how you make FRIENDS with China.

They make stuff
They advertise it
We share information together
We go to Outer Space


We are not needing to go fight with IRAN


... I am going to be President soon if you keep playing this game like Reality TV show ...

We are poor people who have to make technology work so that we can eat.
You are .....


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 21 2019 9:52am
by methods
Eh Hem...
Someone took my Keyboard and started ranting about War Mongers.

I am back in control of it now.

... eh...
Off to research this company RAK
They are good company, I can tell... because they want to share information and work together


When we are in Outerspace together...

It will be cold
It will be dark
We will need to help eachother

Not fight

Not play this game about money that Rich men like to play

In space. . .
The concept of Resource Constraint
Will be re-invented

There are infinite resources
This is a human mind limitation based on being trapped in the cage called E A R T H

Overpopulated cage
Someone stepped on all the banannas
Made mush on floor

Then someone pee all over that
No longer good to eat

In space...

Make more food than you could ever eat

Make Whisky too


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 21 2019 9:56am
by methods
Research of company
Company have DIY spirit

Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 21 2019 10:02am
by methods

I see KEY WORDS here?

Battery Backup
External Antenna

... Those sound like good things.

I can unplug it
Throw it on ground
Blast it with pressure washer?

... One thing we are not good at marking simply is how robust a package is to Shock and Vibration.


There are Spec's you can pass
Example from Department of Transportation (DOT)

What spec must I pass to go on SPACESHIP?????

Very Cold
High Vibration
Must survive Shock

Hmmmmmmm..... Food for thought

If it is good enough for a Spaceship then it will be good enough to strap under the car?

I can tell you this as truth:
Price comes down with Quantity
Price comes down with Quantity

If we all use Aerospace Grade Stuff....

The price will come down


Currently the Money Mongers use $0.1 Connectors
The cheapest garbage which does not protect electrical connections
This is same thing that happened decade or two ago... when another economy got bad reputation

We do not seek BAD REPUTATION

We... Seek... Good Reputation
For making reliable things that last a long time

Like German Machines
Like Japanese Machines
Like Military Machines


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 21 2019 10:43am
by methods
Done reading all printed out manuals, Front to back 1 time

I see great detail in how to wind Transformer.
I have zero doubt that this Transformer is sold pre-wired as dongle-nugget

I. . .
Can focus on DIY'ing this stuff

Can focus on getting Digikey to restock stuff like this

Can keep researching other applications to see if there is a low cost COTS solution which can be hacked.

Most likely
There is some sort of Home Automation stuff which can be purchased for very cheap.

We then swap out 2 to 8 components to increase the Voltage Handling to 1.2KV
Maybe it works as it comes... maybe it makes sparkles later.
Best to swap components to match Voltage Requirements.
Add 20% margin to everything at this stage


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 21 2019 11:04am
by methods
Rolling over to a different job
(This one is for SE. Paying myself $0/hr on this work :wink: )

I have some $25/hr work
I have some $50/hr work
I have some $100/hr work
I have some $125/hr work

Which to do.

It is important to choose your work wisely.
It is impossible to do work that you hate (well) over a long time period.
You must select work which you enjoy and you would do for free.... but... you must charge rates in accordance to market.

I live in the Bay Area of California
There is no hotter market
. . . Over here we pay kids fresh out of college (albeit top of class kids) $75/hr + phat stock bonus which pays out.


I get paid $0 for working on the revolution
I get paid $25 for writing
I get paid $50 for working on cars
I get paid $100 for Apps (building highly complex tools which integrate across the stack)
I get paid $125 for work involving high risk (immediate risk of death, long term risk of gamble, things to take very serious)

Those are not exact numbers. They are rounded to $25 bumps.
I do not know what work is $75/hr.... I will tell you when I find it

That pay is in relation to the cost of living

For 2 years I had to pay $2,650.00/mo
This was for tiny flat of 400 sqft
1 bedroom only for my kid
I sleep in living room

Tiny yard
Tiny garage
reasonable driveway

But... Cost of living here is very high
1 room goes for $900 even WAY UP IN MOUNTAINS far away. Tiny room.

You can pay thousands for just a room close to Google Campus.


This is not advertisement


Re: Using EV Chargers

Posted: Jun 21 2019 11:14am
by methods
How many hours of day to work?

All hours

#1 work. . .
Teaching next generation -
not to be useless blob.