Newbie to golden motor e-bike wiring

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Newbie to golden motor e-bike wiring

Post by Myebike » May 21 2019 2:40pm

HELP from all the professionals (I need your help !
I purchased a fat e bike, the guru guy was building for me ( spider e bike fat tire frame) he used the following:
Golden Motor 1000 W 48 VDC motor that was matched with an external controller
Golden Motor BAC-0501) , 48 volt 2000 w BLDC Motor Controller linked to a
Golden motor 48 V volt LiFe P04 battery

Problem he delivered the bike un-wired and just walked away. Any one have any ides how to wire it up ? Pictures are really helpful or hire for wire guru in Jacksonville, FL.

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Re: Newbie to golden motor e-bike wiring

Post by TommyCat » May 22 2019 8:14am

Hi Myebike,
Something to get you started... ... wiring.pdf

Any particular questions feel free to ask.

See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub E-Bike build Here!

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