BSS02 - Control/Display Settings - Help

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BSS02 - Control/Display Settings - Help

Post by bafanguser » Jan 24 2023 4:00pm

Hi all, I recently built an ebike conversion on my 27.5+ mountain bike.
I have some questions on the settings with the controller I'm using.
Specs of the bike:
2016 Diamondback Mason Trail 27.5" on 3.0" tubeless tires - Wheel diameter 29"
10 speed (limited to 8) - 30T Luna Mighty-Mini ChainRing
Hailong 52v 20ah battery (Panasonic 21700 cells with 40amp BMS)
BBS02b 750w motor kit
Display: Digitech b-cockpit BL181 (manual .pdf attached)
S1 Wheel Size 4.0 – 99 Inch 0.5
(Selected: 29" after measuring wheel diameter w/ tire)
S2 Perimeter 0-9999(Calculated by wheel size by default. 3.14*D)
(This one auto-populated based on selection 29" wheel size)
S3 Speed Unit 00:Km/h None 00:MPH - -
(I chose MPH)
S4 Speed Limit 00 – 99 (0 means no speed limit) km/h 1
(I chose 0) - It appears my top speed on Peddle Assist 9 w/ throttle was 25.4 MPH (is this a limitation of the motor?)
S5 # of Magnetics 1-99 / 1
(I have no idea on this one - it's defaulted at 1. What does # of magnetics mean or do?) - I have a speed sensor installed with 1 magnet on the rear spokes
S6 Backlight 1 – 5 / 1
(I chose 1, perfectly visible)
S7 Auto Power Off 0 – 99 (0 means always on) min 1
(Left at 10 default)
S8 Protocol - 00:KM5S;-01:Li 2;- 02:Customized
(default of 01 - anything else gives an error)
S9 Voltage 36;48 V -
(So for this I chose 48. It was default at 60 and was working... No option to choose 52. Leave it at 48?)
SA Electricity calculation method - 00:The controller reports the voltage, and display calculates - 01:Controller reported power;- 02:The display detect the voltage and calculates
(This was defaulted at 01, but was showing a newly shipped battery at full power... I changed to 00 and the power is now reading less than half. I'm hoping this is the more accurate choice?) - All settings are showing less than half at full charge... Not sure what to do here? I used a multimeter and battery tested at 58v full charge... Proving the battery is fully charged.
Sb Walk Mode 00:Yes; 01:No - -
(Chose "Yes" to enable walk mode)
Sc Default Assist 0-max / 1
(Chose "1" to start display in assist level 1)
Sd Max Assist 1-9 / 1
(Chose 9 to have 9 levels of power)
SE** Logo - 00:Digitech(Default);- 01:Neutral welcome screen;- 02:Customized Logo
(Not really important, left it at 00 default)
SF Reset 00:Yes;01:No
(I believe this resets all settings. Left at 01)
SH Serial communication 00:3.3V;01:5V - -
(Display controller was defaulted to 5v, changed it to 3.3v and works fine. Which should it be?)
Sh Current threshold 00-99(0 means no limit)
(I have this set at 30 - Does this mean 30amp limit? Can BBS02 handle 30 amps? I know the battery specs shows it has a 40amp BMS)

Could anyone please help set the correct settings? My concerns are highlighted in bold.
I notice when the motor kicks in either while pedaling or throttling it isn't consistent smooth power. It's sort of "pulls" like it has a small surge at a consistent rhythm.
Thank you in advance for any help!
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