surface Mount bypass capacitor

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surface Mount bypass capacitor

Post by JamieWlcox » Jun 09 2019 7:23am

I was recently repairing a 1500 Watt electric bike controller ,The brand is green time From aliexpress .
It has 15 fets I believe 3 negatives In 2 positives Per phase. After cleaning the area with isopropyl alcohol I inspected the surface and noticed What appears to be A surface Mount Bypass capacitor Missing .
I put the controller back together and hooked it up to a motor And everything runs fine However I cannot give it a full RPM test Because of its mounting Instability In my apartment I believe I have fixed the controller But in doing so Damaged Or removed That surface Mount Capacitor .Would you kindly take a look at the image And confirm or deny its identification With any pointers On what the value Of the component maybe . The controller is rated 48 to 84 volts 45 amp Max .Thank you for your input I appreciate it

Cannot upload the file so here is the link ... sp=sharing

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