Lacing hub motor in a 20" BMX rim.

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Lacing hub motor in a 20" BMX rim.

Post by adam-guy » Jun 09 2019 7:54am


I'm trying to lace a 240mm flange diameter into a 20" double wall BMS rim.
Rim is "Colony CONTOUR"

The problem is that this requires the nipples to be in an angle of about 62 degrees. First I had to redrill the holes to allow the nipples to tilt. (It was a tight fit that the nipples ware perpendicular to the rim tangent).
now I face another problem: the hole in the inner wall of the rim is located parallel to the inner hole. so it does not allow inserting the nipple at an angle.

The pattern I'm going for is one cross. and the spokes are in the right length for it.
The reason I want double wall is for the nipples to not cause a bump that will rub on the tube and cause its puncture over time. Also, I want The a strong rim that will last and won't deform when riding over potholes.

I'm thinking to enlarge the inner holes into an oval shape.

Is that a good idea? or will it significantly reduce the strength of the rim?

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