Anyone ever use this program?

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Anyone ever use this program?

Post by ebike11 » Jun 10 2019 3:24am

Hi guys
Could anyone help me out with this program? I emailed the aliexpress seller but got no reply. Its a programmable sinewave controller. Voltage can be set anywhere from 48v to 96v. I programmed the voltage i want but trying to tune it more. I also have a sabvoton but Im comparing both at the moment. This controller doesnt have bluetooth programming so i must connect to my computer. I know that with my sabvoton that i can "enable flux weakening" and i set the amps a bit higher to get a bit more top Im thinking on doing the same with this controller. In the lower right corner shows Flux Control. Im guessing the first option is the main one but I have no clue about what all 4 are for. With the sabvoton there is only on and off and set the Amps.
Not sure if i need to play around with anything else besides flux. Just trying to the most maximum power.
Here is a pic of the program:

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