Connecting to BBSHD controller - Is WinChipHead CH340 USB2Serial chipset supported? [SOLVED]

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Connecting to BBSHD controller - Is WinChipHead CH340 USB2Serial chipset supported? [SOLVED]

Post by mp52 » Aug 02 2019 5:46pm

Update:: Finally success!! For anyone looking to connect with a Mac, here's what worked for me.
  • Installed a VM running Win10 Enterprise 90-day trial.
  • Installed CH341SER drivers for WCH340 USB2Serial module.
  • Within Win10 Device Manager, ran update driver which updated the driver to 3.5.2019.1.
  • Ran the Blitip version of Penoff's Bafang programming software as Administrator (this may not be necessary).
  • Battery off. Connect to cable. Connect to Mac (accept device connection to Win VM). Battery on. Fire up Blitip app and Connect.
  • The connection should be instantaneous and display Firmware data etc.


I've recently got a 12H error (current sense error) after riding with a new Luna controller for a couple of weeks using shipped settings. Before I pull this off the bike and replace I am hoping to investigate and update the power settings to something milder and hopefully avoid the issue.

The display (750c) still powers off the controller so I would expect the programming cable to connect. I bought a cheap unit from China which uses a USB2Serial module identified as QinHeng WinChipHead CH340. They're often used in Arduino clones so there are resources online to support them. As I don't have a PC I downloaded drivers for Mac OSX and have tried to connect to the BBSHD using two Windows apps (one in Wine and another using a virtual VM with WIn v10 installed) with PC versions of the drivers installed. In both cases the device was mapped to a COM port and the TX port would pulse when I clicked the connect button but no RX traffic was observed.

Eventually I did a loopback test of just the cable with a terminal app and it failed so I purchased a replacement identical module and re-soldered that onto the cable. This passes a loopback test and echoes keyboard input but when I connect to the BBSHD same thing... TX pulsing but no RX data. I've done continuity tests on the pins on the cable to confirm that the wiring is correct (i.e. TX<-> RX and RX<-->TX, jumpered P+ and PL).

Has anyone successfully used this cable/chipset? If the display fires and shows engine data, should the controller software connect also? Is virtualisation a possible issue?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Connecting to BBSHD controller - Is WinChipHead CH340 USB2Serial chipset supported? [SOLVED]

Post by FredTheSwede » Sep 03 2019 5:17pm

I have the same chipset and trying to get contact.
After about two hours of testing yesterday it worked ONCE perfectly, reprogrammed for softer PAS, but never again
(The bad thing is that as an impatient engineer I also tried tons of sporadic combinations without luck.
Disconnected battery, USB/TTL interface, display connector and computer in a number of futile tries teh first two hours )
This might have caused parts of the communication ICs to fry?

So now the controller works but I get no speed no power back to my 850C display.
Today I borrowed an oscilloscope and connected the oscilloscope to see voltage levels and at least TX data from PC looked ok.
The config tool resends its initiation sequence over and over again. so far so good.
But RX line was completely dead.....

Tomorrow I will use that oscilloscope to tap communication when display is connected to see of
I see both TX and RX data.
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