Sevcon DriveWizard / motor commissioning

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Sevcon DriveWizard / motor commissioning

Post by flat tire » Aug 05 2019 3:57pm

I'm posting this in e-bike technical because some do use sevcons on ebike builds and this information may be relevant.

If you own a Zero motorcycle the maintenance schedule calls for motor "recommissioning" at 600 miles, presumably because the magnets change initially after some heat cycles. My motor seems to be running fine and I am well beyond 600 miles but thought I would look into this.

I have IXXAT and DVT but I'm not sure DVT can do recommissioning. I had heard that the DriveWizard software can.

Zero uses their own software to do the "recommissioning" but since they're just communicating with the sevcon over can this has to be a functionality that Sevcon's toolchain also provides.

So, can anyone shed more light on this subject and / or direct me to a copy of DriveWizard? Of course I can pay.

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