Spoke length help

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Spoke length help

Post by smaua » Sep 06 2019 9:58am

Hi I am a bit confused about how or what to buy to replace 2 spokes that broke on my ebike wheel.

I got from bmsbattery the q11 48V1KW kit and 28inch wheel..which was assembled by them, and I measured the spokes and the length I managed to measure with my tape is 7.5inch or 19cm. But I'm not sure exactly if I am measuring correctly or how accurate it is or what kind of measurements are used. I found some sites that calculate this but only have the big ebike brand choices.

Any help is super appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Spoke length help

Post by RunForTheHills » Sep 06 2019 10:24am

You measure the spoke from the inside of the elbow to the end of the thread. Spoke lengths are usually described in mm.

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Re: Spoke length help

Post by SaabGuy » Sep 06 2019 11:03am

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