ebike mid-drive DIY parts for MY1018

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ebike mid-drive DIY parts for MY1018

Post by azad » Sep 20 2019 9:37pm


I'm in the process of building a mid drive bike and have realized it is not easy to acquire parts for it. Mainly, it seems that the manufacturers in China sell whole kits and refuse to sell individual parts. Specially, what I am looking for is the freewheel crank-set and motor bracket for MY1018 motor. What I've tried so far:

a) Yalumotors (refused to sell the parts for the kit)
b) Cyclone-tw (shipping is too high for Europe and service is horrible, even rude)
c) L-faster (quality and price of components is not satisfactory)

I'm also willing to build all from scratch but I've noticed that individual parts (e.g. threaded crank arms and chainrings etc) would cost even more than the finished crank-sets.

Any DIY enthusiast would like to help me in this regard? (If from Europe/UK even better).


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Re: ebike mid-drive DIY parts for MY1018

Post by amberwolf » Sep 20 2019 11:15pm

Maybe Sickbikeparts?

Or other similar places, electricscooterparts and the like.

Even Amazon probably has the cranks, in various bicycle shops.

Google searches turn up some too, though not everything is relevant
https://www.google.com/search?q=freewhe ... s&tbm=shop


https://www.google.com/search?q=motor+b ... 1018+motor

https://www.google.com/search?q=motor+b ... r&tbm=shop

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Re: ebike mid-drive DIY parts for MY1018

Post by electric_nz » Sep 21 2019 3:04am

cyclone will combine shipping if asked. still pricey though

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