Most powerful hub motor below 5lbs

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Re: Most powerful hub motor below 5lbs

Post by Cephalotus » Nov 10 2019 4:31pm

I do own a direct drive hub motor (VIVANA LE250RH, Nanfong Leisheng Special Motors Co Ltd. ) that runs at 300rpm @ 36V and weights 3.06kg incl. mount for a cassette and option to mount disc brakes. 36 spoke holes though, which sadly excludes most lightweight rims.

Sadly my motor has an axle grinded down to 8mm instead of 10mm, so I have not been able to try it yet.

I doubt that it would be wise to ride it at 2500W+. The cogging is rather low, so I assume that maximum torque will be quite low, too.

I assume(!) that geared hub drive systems in that weight class deliver a lot more torque, but I doubt that they will tolerate 2500W+ either.

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Re: Most powerful hub motor below 5lbs

Post by Toorbough ULL-Zeveigh » Nov 18 2019 5:10pm


Does it recharge as you pedal?
Our system doesn’t offer regenerative braking, because for cycling it’s pointless. 80% of the energy is used to push air out the way, so by adding regen braking the increased range would be minimal.

Instead we use a geared brushless motor that has zero drag so that you can still ride your bike like a regular bike even with the power pack off. If we added regen braking then the motor would always be dragging against your pedalling even with the power off.

Is there any drag?
We use a silent, smooth and frictionless geared brushless motor. So with the power pack removed you can still cycle like normal.

How much does it weigh?
The motor weighs 1.5kg, and the power pack weighs 1.5kg, so the added weight is just 3kg! ... d0c12755#/

thank LockH(eed) for posting too much
you would have known about this motor sooner (immediately actually) had he not been banned.
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Re: Most powerful hub motor below 5lbs

Post by Ecyclist » Dec 05 2019 4:48pm

nowholeself wrote:
Oct 20 2019 9:37pm
tolkaNo wrote:
Oct 20 2019 9:34pm
You want a sub 2.25kg hub motor that is capable of 45a continuous? Id like one also :thumb:
Yep. It's pretty clear from the replies I was dreaming. 🤷‍♂️
Xiongda 2 Speed hubmotor is all you will need for an easy going bike riding.
I put one into my son's trike. It does the job in San Diego. I enjoy riding it myself.
It will be a good starting project for you.
Have fun.
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