Need Help With Stuck Higo Connectors

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Need Help With Stuck Higo Connectors

Post by Art » Nov 03 2019 8:14am

Greetings to all:
This isn't the most difficult problem in the world. I just can't solve it :shock:
The Higo connector coming off my OEM Gear Sensor won't pull away from it's mate on the controller cable. It functions properly, but I need to work on the controller and can't work at my bench without separating the male-female cable connection. Pulling by hand, it will pull apart barely 1mm  showing a bit of yellow underneath. With the power off, would a drop of soapy water or Windex or WD-40 carefully dropped into the connection point help without doing harm? Is there a preferred 'secret sauce' for the job? I dont want to use pliars and risk doing damage.
Thank you! :bigthumb:

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Re: Need Help With Stuck Higo Connectors

Post by Voltron » Nov 03 2019 6:16pm

I would try contact cleaner first.. if it's pin corrosion jamming it, might wick in there better and be easier to clean up.

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Re: Need Help With Stuck Higo Connectors

Post by Balmorhea » Nov 04 2019 4:24am

I reckon it's just the housing being fussy. If the pins are stuck enough to give you that behavior, you're going to have to cut them loose and replace the connectors anyway, so I'd use however much force it takes to pop the housings apart.

I like the idea of Higo plugs, but in practice I'm happier with JST plugs and Anderson Powerpoles or RC bullets. It would be nice if there were a DIY friendly but also crap-resistant plug format to use.

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Re: Need Help With Stuck Higo Connectors

Post by » Nov 04 2019 4:02pm

Take a small, blunt flat bade screwdriver, like a small watchmakers one, and carefully insert it between the outer soft black plastic and the harder inner plastic of the connection. It helps a lot if you:
  • preheat the joint with a hairdryer
  • apply some soapy water before and whilst inserting the screwdriver.
The problem is the vacuum between the connector pair when plugged together. Once air can enter, they are easy to pull apart.

Blowdry the connectors, and apply some wax to the male connector. This makes it easy to push them together again, and increases watertightness afterwards.
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