Help finding controller info

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Help finding controller info

Post by bj97301 » Mar 26 2020 5:30pm

I found it on Alibaba but the sellers won’t get back to me with any info. I figured our most of the wires but could use help with things like regen braking, 3 speed switch and any other functionality I might be missing out on like this strange wire labeled yb on the pcb. I have two scooters and one with the same controller has a top speed of like 12mph. I would love to figure out what’s making the controller so slow. The other one tops out at about 20mph. The controllers are popular among the fat tire scooters. Links below:

Link to better quality pics:

Ali link: ... 3e5fnfY4u7

Fat tire scooters where the controllers usually go: ... 1280HvetTK
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Re: Help finding controller info

Post by motomech » Mar 27 2020 1:26am

You might want to post this in the ELECTRIC SCOOTERS AND MOTORCYCLES section.

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