A2B Metro BMS Replacement options

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A2B Metro BMS Replacement options

Post by adh247 » Nov 05 2020 5:59am

Hi guys!
I have an A2b Metro and thought I would seek advice.

If The Batteries in the frame aka "A" Battery are in perfectly good working order, but the BMS is not, where would I go to find a working BMS?

Would Something like this work for me?

https://www.ebay.com/itm/10S-36V-15A-Li ... 2749.l2649

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Re: A2B Metro BMS Replacement options

Post by kdog » Nov 05 2020 6:27am

Not sure if a2b parts are available in other parts of the world but here (aus) they are long gone.
Full functionality requires the proprietary bms. I think the system still works with a simple bms with a 2 wire output (pos + neg only) but you loose battery charge level indicator on the display. I could be wrong on this as I haven't done it myself, just seen others doing it.

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