Questions about a Bike Friday with a tired 350w Bionx

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Questions about a Bike Friday with a tired 350w Bionx

Post by deardancer3 » Feb 04 2021 12:43am

Hello to all of you, I have been inactive on the technical side of ebikes for several years. Previously I was a field person for Giant's ebikes, Bionx, Cyclone, and several others. I have built maybe 50 ebikes for customers and maybe a dozen for personal use from 2001 to 2015.

I had a custom Bike Friday made for me with a 350w Bionx system in 2014.

However I contracted a severe case of pnumonia along with another lung infection 2016. It took quite a few months to get cured of that, but some significant damage was done to my already marginal 65 year old respiratory system, and I was advised to move from Colorado Springs to sea level. My personal power output is significantly down, maybe just under 100w.

Moving I could only bring so many bikes to San Diego, so i left behind my Gaint Lafree Lite, a Giant semi recumbent with a bionx, and some really nice non electrified bikes including a Reynolds full 531DB bike I rode across the US in the 1970's

I brought my 500w cyclone on a 26" mtn bike mid drive and my Bike Friday with a 350w Bionx on 20 inch wheels.

I now live on a 10% hill (100 ft rise in 1000feet) and the cyclone system makes it up the hill at 6mph with no problem. But not the Bionx, never more than half way befor it or I gave out. Time to do something I guess;

I must now decide what to do with the bike friday, and have several question:

Do you think that the 350w 36v bionx with a new/refurbished battery will carry me at 210lbs and and the 40lb bike up- that hill? (I want to stay at or below 750w .)

If not, will any hub motor on a 20" wheel get me up that hill and still do 20mph later?

Are there any mid drives that will mount on my 20" steel bike friday Pocket llama 53/39 tooth front chainring and do the job? I could convert to straight 8 speed.

Or should I just convert the Bike friday to non electric, sell it, and start over?

Or other solutions?

Do you have suggested solutions? A simulator said a Crystalyte H3525 might work at 52v?

Anway, thanks for your thoughts.

Richard (Dick) Anson
Chain Drive Advocate

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