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Dengfu E10 charging questions

Posted: Apr 04 2021 7:46pm
by NoFanBoiz
A few questions!

If I wanted to use a multimeter to read the voltage, which bits on the battery are the positive and negative terminals?

Are people charging the battery while it's mounted on the bike, or are they charging charging the battery directly via the plug on the battery?

If you charge the battery while it's mounted on the bike, do you have the bafang display turned on at the same time and monitor the battery state of charge percentage on the display?

The standard charger doesn't allow smart charging. Battery university states that for better battery longevity, don't do 100% full charges (and don't discharge lower than 20%).
Has anyone seen or used a charger that allows 80%, 90% or 100% charge - and at lower amps charging? Luna sell one but their gear is usually rebadged stuff. I looked on AliExpress but could not find anything the same.