Shengyi hub motor clutch

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Shengyi hub motor clutch

Post by Promille » May 02 2021 4:23am


Does anyone know where to source clutch and gears for shengyi hub motors clutches and gears for bafang motors
can be found all over the internet but for shengyi cant seem to be found anywhere?

Clutch is 74mm wide and the hole for the axle is about 12mm and the nylon gears are 40mm,
the markings says WOK DLK074-60

Thanks in advance,
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Re: Shengyi hub motor clutch

Post by neptronix » May 24 2021 10:26pm

have you asked
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Re: Shengyi hub motor clutch

Post by qwerkus » May 25 2021 5:04am

Shengyi has an OK customer support. You can get parts directly from china.

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