VESC Regen Throttle Connection

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VESC Regen Throttle Connection

Post by sdobbie » May 22 2021 8:42am

Hi, I was wanting to get a vesc but I don't know where to connect a throttle for regen braking. I was going to purchase this controller here
My bike has two throttles, one for accelerating and one for braking. Currently using a KT controller but its garbage and almost impossible to set up properly.

I downloaded the latest vesc tool to try and see where I can find options for setting up regen but can't see anything other than battery current max regen.
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Re: VESC Regen Throttle Connection

Post by owhite » May 24 2021 10:29am

One of the ebay pics shows a diagram for the connectors, and on the one labeled 3, it looks like there is an ADC2. ADC stands for "analog to digital converter", and is frequently used by the VESC community to refer to the throttle inputs. The description says something stupid about ADC but I would ignore that.

you sure that VESC will meet your needs? I'd be happy for you if it works and know it's rated for 13s and 50A but it's physically kind of small.

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Re: VESC Regen Throttle Connection

Post by mxlemming » May 24 2021 3:10pm

I have that VESC. It packs a good punch for it's size. I don't normally use it since i have several other controllers, but when i do, I run it at 13s 60 phase amps 40 battery amps and it's happy enough.

Allegedly they don't actually like 13s under regen but I've not had any issues yet.

It'll push more power than most 6 and 12fet cheapo Chinese big metal box controllers, but no illusions, it's small.
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Re: VESC Regen Throttle Connection

Post by Hayds13 » May 25 2021 6:00am

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