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Big ballache, over discharged my battery, is there any hope?

Posted: Nov 06, 2011 3:53 pm
by Jimbo
Hi all,

Been loving the HS Big hit for the last month or so. Been hooning to and from work, hooning over the heath, round the lanes and over the fields.....had 54 out of her down a big hill the other day. :D

i've also been a bit slack with balancing my cells and after yesterdays ride the packs showed only 4S not the usual 5. checked the individual cell voltages and i have a couple of 2.9's with a few more 3.0....both packs must have been out of balance and since i ran the packs pretty much dry a few have gone below. Gutted.

Is there any way back? Can i salvage anything or is it new battery time?

Both packs have at least two or three low cells. I haven't tried to charge them, they are currently in the barbeque down the end of the garden....just in case.


Re: Big ballache, over discharged my battery, is there any h

Posted: Nov 06, 2011 3:57 pm
by itchynackers
Doesn't sound too crazy low to me. Just lower than we like to take them. Just charge them at 4s setting for a bit, then change to a 5s setting if your charger is acting up.

Edit: don't balance charge at 4s, just normal charge.

Re: Big ballache, over discharged my battery, is there any h

Posted: Nov 07, 2011 8:12 am
by Jimbo
Cheers Itchy, will give em a brief charge tonight and hope for the best. Fingers crossed it's not as bad as i'd thought.

Re: Big ballache, over discharged my battery, is there any h

Posted: Nov 07, 2011 4:50 pm
by Jimbo
Sweet, i was worrying over nothing, gave em a charge and they've come back up fine; bonza!

On another note though i've noticed my JP EN.ER.G Pro charger isn't great at balancing the packs. I've balanced them twice and the best it can do is 4.171 on one cell whilst the others are all around the 4.195 mark. Does this sound reasonable to you experienced chaps?



Re: Big ballache, over discharged my battery, is there any h

Posted: Nov 07, 2011 5:54 pm
by Spacey
Jimbo, get one of these....Chargery Power DB8 8S Li-Po Li-Fe Intelligent Balancer

I bought one and it is brilliant for balancing cells with out a power supply. Does 8 cells at a time in standalone. 300ma balancing as well. I use it on my 16S (2 x 8s) packs. Keep the packs 4.15v to 3.7v and they should stay in balance for weeks if not months.

I just put this balancer on once a week now though.

Re: Big ballache, over discharged my battery, is there any h

Posted: Nov 07, 2011 5:55 pm
by Spacey

Chargery Power DB8 2S-8S Li-Po Li-Fe balance Balancer

- DB8 is a intelligent balancer designed especially for 2S - 8S LiPo/LiFe battery pack, it has a microprocessor to detect and balance each cell voltage of the 2 to 8 cells in series.
- You can balance the battery while charge, discharge or at stand alone mode. you still can take DB8 as cell meter to check your battery status.
- Nixie display indicator display each cell voltage, battery pack voltage, difference of cell voltage and the balance state of the battery pack.
- Cooperating with charger, the built-in software can detect the cell voltage in charging. When any cell voltage reaches 4.22V, it will cut off the charger to prevent the battery overcharged.
- Besides independent balance mode, you can connect any LiPo or LiFe charger to the input lead first, then connect the DB8 to the balance connector on your pack, finally connect the output leads to the discharge wire of the pack. so your pack is charging at up to 10Aand balancing simultaneously.

- Automatically detect and display battery balance status for any 2 to 8 cells pack
- Imbalance voltage warning and balancing
- Audio alarm for over voltage
- Audio alarm for under voltage
- Nixie display indicator display each cell in balancing
- Automatically cut-off the charging circuit while charge
- Reversely polarity protection on input, output and balance connector
- Balance 1 or 2 - 4 battery packs simultaneously
- With Special Connector Conversion Board(CCB-9KT) to fit all kinds of XH type battery connectors

Working mode:
- Stand-alone balancing
- Balancing while charge or discharge, need to be connected to 8S or below professional charger - such as iMax B8.

Input/Output Specifications:
- Input Voltage/Current: DC 35V, 10 A MAX.
- Output Voltage: 35V MAX.
- Output Current: 10A MAX.
- Current drain for balancing : 300mA/cell
- Balance accuracy : <10mV

General Specifications:
- Operating Temperature: 0~40⊥
- Storage Temperature: -20~85⊥
- Operating Relative Humidity: 5~95%RH

Mechanical Characteristics:
- Dimension: 115*68*15(mm, L*W*H) or 4.52"*2.67"*0.59"
- Case Material : Al alloy
- Balances Connector : JST XH 9PIN
- weight : 150g

Item included:
- 1 unit of Chargery Power DB8 8S Li-Po/Li-Fe Intelligent Battery Balancer
- 1 pc. CEH-9 conversion wire
- 1 pc. CW24 input power lead
- 1 pc. CW3 4mm banana with battery MALE connector
- 1 pc. of 4*2S/2*3S +2S/2*4S/2*4S+3S/5S+3S/6S+2S