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real lighting

Post by llile » Jul 18 2012 7:07am

OK, the kind of bike lights they have at a bike store are pretty much inadequate for a zooming e-bike. Although they let drivers see where you are, they don't really illuminate the road.

Tail lights and marker lights are pretty easy - a bike store tail-light is adequate for this purpose. I've hacked flashing LEDs and built them into my helmet - nice and bright, way up high, easily seen. ( Lemme know if anyone wants a schematic and likes PICs.) My new trike project will probably have some such thing made out of high-brightness red LEDs, facing rear and to the side. Should be able to make the bike as visible as an ambulance with it's siren going, from the rear.

What have people done about headlights?

I was playing recently with some high brightness white LEDs. I arranged 21 of them into a small aluminum project box, and set them up to run on 36 volts, so it could be plugged directly into my batteries. Pretty bright, very efficient, not very focused. I am afraid it probably doesn't punch far enough ahead, being unfocused.

You can get standard incandescent lights from Ebikes.CA. I'd like to have something more efficient (LED source) but also have some punch to stab out into the darkness when I am hurtling along. What have other people done for headlights?

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Re: real lighting

Post by fractal » Jul 18 2012 9:59am

I use the LED lights (cycle lumenator). I have 2 = 2000 lumens! It is the brightest I have seen. They are amazingly bright! and very efficient also.
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Re: real lighting

Post by Architectonic » Jul 18 2012 11:18am

I use one of these: ... 31&t=35095

The bracket is a little ghetto, but the light works great and comes with DC-DC converter.

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Re: real lighting

Post by wesnewell » Jul 18 2012 12:09pm

First was 5 led and it was crap. Then went to 56 led which I thought was pretty good. And then I tried a Cree Q5 adjustable focus. 100 times better than the 56 led. It's rated at 240 lum. I can't imagine how bright the higher rated ones are, but I'd venture to say more than enough for any speed. I made a battery pack for mine using 6 18650 cells. Using 3 AAA batteries don't expect more than a few hours on bright. Nothing but Cree for me from now own. This one has the extender that will take a single 18650 too. ... 0861641899
And if you really want bright. Try one of the Cree XM-L T6 lights from 1000 lum up.
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Re: real lighting

Post by snellemin » Jul 18 2012 12:18pm

I got me a pair of these bootlegs. A pair will light up a whole car lane with 3s2p 18650 pack. ... 606wt_1399
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Re: real lighting

Post by Kingfish » Jul 18 2012 12:38pm

Majority of what I've done can be summed up with three threads:
There is also an emerging school of thought on how to use the Ebrake circuit to trigger the brake light on this thread.

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Re: real lighting

Post by cal3thousand » Jul 18 2012 12:45pm

Cree Q5 flashlights right now running off 18650 TrustFire 2300mAh.

Going to build a CREE XM-L T6 monster light soon. :mrgreen:
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