eZip-iZip Usable Controller Voltages

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eZip-iZip Usable Controller Voltages

Post by DrkAngel » Jun 16 2013 7:49am

The older 24V ezips-iZips were capable of over-volting to 36V.
However, mid 2008 provided an OVC (Over Voltage Cutoff) between 30-33V negating 37V, 33.3V or even 29.6V usage.
I had assumed that the overvoltage protection was universally applied, after 2008.
During a Voltage test, to determine 29.6V (8s) capability, I was pleasantly surprised when my 2009 Trailz LS fired up! Further tests were successful at 33.3V (9s) and 42V (10s).
So I determined to test voltage capability on all my available eBikes.

2007 eZip scooter (25A) 36V - 50V+ (63V caps)*
2007 eZips (35A) 24V - >42V
2008 eZip Mountain Trailz (35A) 24V - >42V (63V caps)
2008 eZip Trailz (35A) 24V - 29.4V <33v
2008 iZip Mountain Trailz AL (35A) 24V - 29.4Vv <33V
2009 eZip Trailz LS (35A) 24v - >42V

2013 eZip Trailz LS (35A) 24V - 29.4V <33V

Voltage capability was tested with Lipo cells in series connected with jumper wires to pack contacts, then switch turned on. Motor gently spun up, not tested under load (small lipo pack).

8s pack build considered to allow maximum capability of 8s12p (96 - 18650 cells) 29.6V 31.2A eZip RMB pack, alternate 12s8p (96 - 18650 cells) 44.4V 20.8A build as an option - (.923kWh).

* 36V 25A scooter controller installed in 2008 Mountain Trailz and run at 37V for 4000 + miles, with no overheat problems! performance at lower speeds is hindered by the 25As, but at speed, 25A supplies all the power the motor can handle. I credit the limited amps as being responsible for the motors survival and intend on pushing it further with my 44.4V Magnum battery pack!

Please reply with success-failures of overvoltage attempts.
Please list year and model ... more info?

See - 29.6V eZip mod

Also, see Re-volting the eZips ... simple mods.
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Re: eZip-iZip Usable Controller Voltages

Post by Ginettaman » May 15 2020 3:21am

I've bought what I think is a 2007 izip trails but it's faulty at present. I've added a first post in technical section about how to fix and improve/ modify it. I think a mosfet has failed at present.

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