What is your watthours per mile?

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Re: What is your watthours per mile?

Post by ddk » Aug 12 2013 2:00am

swbluto wrote: I'm assuming I'd be using "150 watts worth of solar panels" to get 100w average and for a longdistance trip
My experience with 150W of panel + ~75W during peak 5 hours @ mid-summer.
This is because the panels are mounted "flat" and I live on the 42 LAT. Best bet is to head south ;)
swbluto wrote: This is all hypothetical, however. There's no place in the United States, AFAIK, I'd be willing to bicycle for 1000s of miles -- highways are too dangerous with people whizzing by at 80 mph. Maybe when they get that eastern coastal interstate bikepath done, there'll be a reason to try it out.
You need to move to the left coast, where you can fairly safely ride 1000's of miles along the 55-65mph highways.
Don't believe me? Ask that guy who owns this forum about his experience-lol.
I've personally ridden 1000's of miles in the middle of the usa, mainly riding on almost-abandoned 2-lane highways.
The only riding I've done on the east coast was in Florida in the 70's. I wouldn't do that today.
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Re: What is your watthours per mile?

Post by swbluto » Aug 12 2013 2:11am

So you live in southern oregon / northern california? Oh man, I thought that was south enough! I better downgrade my solar expectations all the way north where I am, lol.

Probably should do some testing on my panels so that I have experience. I was getting my data from a solar manufacturer's spec sheets and Amazon reviews. Testing begins tomorrow! (Wait... can I test it? Uhhh.... errr.... have to figure out how.)

Edit: 3 minutes later, I've figured out how.

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