SLCD-3 display settings, P and C parameters

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Re: SLCD-3 display settings, P and C parameters

Post by DRMousseau » Sep 17 2017 11:20pm

So I've been using a KT-LCD3 myself, but have found much here to useful and informative. While I'm mostly happy with my settings currently, AND with what I've learned in trial & error with notes, I still have a few minor issues.

One is that "battery meter",... and it's not something I rely on in any way, so it's somewhat minor to me! Wasn't exactly easy to set up what I got in the first place! And I'm not terribly certain of all my exact settings right now, but I'm generally satisfied,... sorta. I generally use a "battery chart" of relational voltages to capacity remaining and find it far more reliable than the "battery meter", even if a bit inconvenient.

1500w hub motor on 29" wheel
52V 11.5Ah battery on 48V 40A controller

Now, strange as it may sound to some,.... I use the "cruise" option a lot. But it won't set below 25kph/15.5mph min., and I would much prefer a setting of say 15-20kph/10-12mph. Any way to maybe alter this min.???

You see, at max I've hit 40mph,.... much more than I need or should be cruisin' about without "trouble". So I have a max speed setting of 30mph set, and I generally watch that I never exceed 20mph, unless I'm outa town on clear open roads and then 30mph is my comfortable max. I think I currently have a max current setting, but occasionally I'll have that at half setting,... 20amps. Minimum pas (1) setting still gives me about 22kph/14mph or so, and a cadence that I can jus BARELY overrun. But this lets me have the torque, power, and speed I occasionally need "right at hand" (via throttle) to avoid "situations", but I'd like to mostly pedal at "bicycle" speeds usefully, and without pausing and coasting to maintain that 15-20kph/10-12mph for "proper city use" (lol!!!) and to extend "mileage".

Any way to lower "cruise" settings????

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Re: SLCD-3 display settings, P and C parameters

Post by Pwnlord187 » Oct 05 2017 2:49am

If you just press the button twice it will display the voltage.
Anyone know if the time of day can be set/shown with it?

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Re: SLCD-3 display settings, P and C parameters

Post by ScooterMan101 » Oct 22 2017 12:44am

Bump, since this little display is very confusing to me and others .
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Re: SLCD-3 display settings, P and C parameters

Post by haro » Nov 10 2017 6:57am

Hi there,

Does all controllers support regen function?
I have this SLCD-3 that support regen but i am not sure regarding the controller.
If regen is possible does harm anyhow the batteries??

Thanks, a lot of useful info here!

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Re: SLCD-3 display settings, P and C parameters

Post by vagosofron » Jul 12 2018 5:05am

Hi, my motor has these writings on it
And the p1 setting is 87. Anyone knows if it is the correct one? That's how I bought it.

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Re: SLCD-3 display settings, P and C parameters

Post by DuncanDK » Nov 10 2018 2:16pm

Hi guys

In the thread below I explain the use of parameter P1 on Q100/S-LCD3 display.
I expect it to be the same on q128 and other motors/LCDs


Sincerely yours


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